We apologize



We all here at Loseweightng wish to sincerely apologize to all our esteemed readers for not making any post for the past one week.

We are very much aware of your dedication towards a better health. And that’s why we (The management of Loseweightng) are keen and focused towards providing scientific-researched information on ‘How you can manage your body weight properly for a better health’. Not making a post for a week must have made you to think we are unreliable–far from that, we are very much reliable!


We are experiencing some technical faults which are already on the fixing-process/upgrading. And it will take some extra days to get it totally fixed/upgraded! So, we may still not be able to make any post for some days to come. However, keep visiting www.loseweightng.com for your well researched health tips/ weight loss and weight management information.

We promise to give you all, our dear esteemed readers, nice write-ups/posts on interesting weight loss topics. That we will do once we are back. Meanwhile, do keep up with our earlier posts on weight loss as they are still very informative, efficient and effective.

Be rest assured that we have your interest at heart all day,our dear readers. Hence, you have the privilege to be updated on the happenings of Loseweightng as you all are the major part of us. No you,our esteemed readers, No Loseweightng!

Once again, we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.


Bellarmine Ezenwajiaku

(CEO Loseweightng—www.loseweightng.com)


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